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Can I stay at yo:HA hostels if I am enrolled in private educational institutions?
What kind of documents should I provide in order to book my accommodation at yo:HA?
Is there age limit to stay in yo:HA?
Are there any administrative charges for bookings?
How much will the first payment cost?
Can I visit yo:HA hostels before I confirm my booking?
How can I pay for bookings/reservations (in Singapore) or monthly rental?
How can I make payment for bookings/reservations of a bed space if I am overseas?
Can I cancel my booking/reservation?
Can I amend my booking/reservation?
Can I change unit during my stay?
Can I choose the unit for my stay?
If I sign the contract for an accommodation period of six months, can I extend my stay?
What are the payment options available?
Are there attached bathroom for each room?
Are female and male rooms separated by levels?
Can I choose an all-girls/all-boys room?
Can I cook in the hostel?
What are the facilities/appliances available in the pantry area?
Can I put a refrigerator in my room?
Are there laundry services available? Is it included in the monthly rental?
Is internet access included in the monthly rental?
Do you provide bedding set and pillows?
Are meals provided?
Is there a specific timing by which I must return to the hostel?
Can I bring visitors back to my unit?