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About Us

Welcome to yo:HA hostel, the leading student accommodation provider in Singapore!

At yo:HA hostel, we are committed to do our best to ensure that hostelites will always feel welcome and at home.

Our portfolio comprises of hostels located near major education institutions. Public transportations are available right in front of our hostels, providing hostelites with ease of access to any location.

We are confident that the exclusive living experience at our hostels will contribute to the holistic development of every hostelite, equip them with life-long skills and give them the opportunity to interact, form friendships and bonds that will last for years to come.


We believe that security is of great importance. To ensure that our hostelites feel comfortable and safe staying with us like they would in their own homes, security features including biometrics / card access entry system, closed-circuit televisions and 24-hour security personnel are key features in all our hostels.


We believe that a cosy and quiet setting helps students to focus on their studies. The tranquil environment in our hostels makes it conducive for students to study and learn.


We believe in striking a balance between work and play and enriching both the body and mind. Our hostels provide a variety of recreational facilities that allows our hostelites to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle.

Our dedicated team at yo:HA hostels would always strive to meet
the hostelites’ needs in every possible way.